Storage Areas in BevSpot represent the actual places in your bar or kitchen that you store and inventory items.

To manage your storage areas:

  • Select the pencil icon at the top of the storage areas list
  • Click into any existing storage area to edit the name
  • Create a new storage area by typing the name into the blank line and clicking ‘Add
  • Re-organize your storage areas by clicking to the left of any area and dragging into a new organization
  • Click ‘Done’ to save changes

Items in BevSpot need to be assigned into your storage areas so you can easily count them while taking inventory.

Assigning items to storage areas:

  • Use the ‘Assign Area’ dropdown list on any item to assign it to storage areas
  • Select multiple items by using the check boxes, and then use the master ‘Assign Selected’ dropdown list to quickly assign items in bulk