Recipes Needing Attention are missing a key piece of information that could affect the outcome of your sales reports. There are multiple reasons why a menu item would be flagged for attention—they’re broken down by category on your Recipes page, and often include a specific note as to why it isn’t completely mapped.

The most common reasons are…

  • Confirm serving size—there is no serving quantity associated with your inventory item, so we are unable to find a cost for that menu item. Alternatively, there is an assumed serving size that needs to be confirmed.
  • Needs confirmation—likely, our support team has begun to map this menu item but didn’t want to make any assumptions in your account without your confirmation.
  • Multiple of the same inventory item—there are multiple inventory items that could be associated with this specific POS ID.
  • Pricing issues—an inventory item is missing a cost price, so we are unable to calculate a cost that will affect your sales reporting.
  • Up-charge modifier—this typically calls for one or more components we need to confirm serving sizes for in order to get accurate pour costs and usage amounts.
  • Needs recipes/ingredients—this is a recipe or other menu item that BevSpot was unable to determine the ingredients for.
  • Item not in inventory—an item was unable to be found in your inventory, so although there will be sales in your report, there won’t be a cost.
  • Save for CS rep—your Customer Success Manager will walk you through any issues associated with that specific menu item.
  • Recipe needs specific item—one or more ingredients are missing or unable to be found in your inventory, or there are multiple items that require confirmation of the brand used for that specific item/recipe.