Once your invoices have been processed, you will need to review and balance your invoices to make sure the data is correct and matches your items in BevSpot.

  • Start by clicking  Invoices
  • Click Review Now
  • Attach your processed invoice to an expected delivery in BevSpot by clicking  Attach To Delivery and searching for you order. (If no order exists, click Record New Delivery to create the order)
  • Click Review Invoice
  • Match items to existing items in your BevSpot account by clicking Find Match.  (Add SKUs to your items here to automatic matches items in the future 
  • If this is a new item, click Create New Item to add it to your inventory
  • Once you've matched items and finished making changes, click Confirm and Save 
  • If any pricing for your items has been updated, you will be asked how you want to save this pricing going forward
  • When you have saved your new pricing, click Mark as Delivered