If you’re used to weighing your bottles for inventory, you have the option to do that in your BevSpot account. You will need to enter both the full and empty bottle weights for every item you wish to weigh.*

From the Items Page

  • Open an item to edit
  • Check the box that says Use Custom Tare & Full Weights
  • With a food grade scale, weigh an empty and a full bottle of this item and enter the values in dry oz. or grams and click Save
  • Open up a New Draft and pull up the Inventory Counter
  • Select whether you want to count this item in dry oz. or grams
  • Weigh the partial bottle with the same scale and enter that number on the counter
  • Click the Check Mark on the counter and move onto the next item

* There are stock numbers built into the system for you, but you will get a much more accurate number by using custom weights for your products