Click on any of the Storage Areas on the left nav (desktop) or top tabs (mobile) to start counting that area. Each row in your table has a “count” button with optional packaging options. Quickly use the plus and minus buttons to count whole units, or click the "Count" button to reveal the input keypad with both calculator and slider options:

Input keypad: calculator

Use the calculator input to record your count and perform simple math operations for  both food and beverage items. Freely count by the bottle, can, case, each, or by weight. Count standard sized kegs in either volume or weight by simply entering the measure in gallons, pounds, or kilograms. BevSpot will calculate what percent of your keg is left for you instantly giving an accurate keg inventory every time.* 

* Keg sizes include 15.5 gal, 13.2 gal (50L), 7.75 gal, 5.16 gal (20L), 5 gal, 50L, 30L, 35L, and 20L. For other keg sizes, enter the remaining volume of the keg with the number pad or the bottle slider. 

Input keypad: bottle slider

Switch to the slider tab to quickly input counts for a partially full bottle visually. Simply match the level of liquor in the bottle with the slider tool, and click the check mark button to enter the count for this item.

Weighing Bottles (Beverage)

If you’re used to weighing your bottles for inventory, you have the option to do that in your BevSpot account. You will need to enter both the full and empty bottle weights for every item you wish to weigh.