With our POS Sales Reporting add-on, you’ll receive detailed sales reports from our team at BevSpot that show you variance, profits, and the top performers during each sales/inventory cycle. By providing our team with a detailed, item-level breakdown of your sales items*, they’ll be able to process these reports for you within 2–3 business days.

PLEASE NOTE: Processing is available for all reports submitted within thirty days of the corresponding inventory period.

Since every POS system is different, use the linked instructions** below for your POS to make sure you are submitting exactly the right information to our team for prompt processing. If you don’t see your POS listed below, please reach out to our support team with the chat feature in your account to see how we can get these reports to you in BevSpot.

*  This breakdown is often called a Product Mix (PMIX), Item Sales, or Menu Item Detail and must be provided to our team within 30-days of your finished inventory

**  Some POS companies will require you to call their support team to get help pulling the correct report out of your POS system