Create Recipes to gain visibility into your costs and profits.

  • Choose the option to Create New.
  • Name this Recipe. Click Show More Item Options to assign a Menu Group, POS ID, and any notes you'd like to attach.
  • Enter ingredients:
    • If you haven't added the item to your account, select + Add from the dropdown. Provide the packaging and price and select Save.
    • If you already have the item in your account, simply input quantity and select Add Ingredient.
  • Now you can add a Sales Price to see your Cost % and Profit.
  • Click Save.

Using a sub-recipe in another recipe

Making a syrup, sauce, or other sub-recipe? Input a yield with the full batch size and a serving size to be used as an ingredient in other recipes.

  • Open Show yield and serving size options at the bottom of the ingredients panel
  • Yield: The quantity and unit type that this recipe creates. For example: a batch of simple syrup could likely yield 1L. 
  • Serving Size: The smallest quantity you might use in another recipe. For example: 1 fl. oz of simple syrup.